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If you think your Halloween costume is cool...

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... wait till you see this :eek: (Courtesy of Sangu|ne)

Some of you have probably seen this already, but I find this... simply amazing :)
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I think a costume based on Happosai's Yatta video would be more interesting than that. :p

It's still pretty cool, though.
Originally posted by Shiori
wow, he's gotta be a cosplay champ. :D
He may or may not be, but that costume sure took (too much) effort.
He isn't really a brave cosplayer unless he's cosplaying in the Yatta costume.
The Yatta costume - a loincloth with a leaf on it. o_O

"Each member of the Happatai team wears one fig leaf only just like Adam, the first man. The unit was formed out of interest in cheering up Japanese people who are suffering from the worst recession in recent history. They have been performing on TV for Fuji Network. Their comical song goes something like, "... one leaf is all I need. 'Cos i feel so lucky to be alive..." "
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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