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What would power it?
(anyone that takes this seriously is an idiot.)

My idea:
We create a car which runs on pure, unadulterated butch; powered by the man inside you. Here are my ideas.

There are four television screens on the HUD of the car itself, all showing different action movies.

1. The Matrix
2. Mad Max
3. Die Hard
4. Con Air

Tubes would run from your veins to compartments underneath the car, therein your testosterone would be processed for vast amounts of manliness to power itself.

You would course be smoking four cigarettes while being tattooed by a woman with large breasts named Candy, who rests in seats which would be cushioned with the skins of baby seals.

Mostly this car runs on just about everything to promote pure manliness and macho-itude. I need ideas for this car. Anyone have any?
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