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IE plugins

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Are there any programs that can remove IE plugins? Or how can I uninstall them manually?
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Perhaps you are looking for this? Manage Add-Ons.
Nope :( I am wondering if there's a way to remove the plugin instead of just disabling it.

Found Advanced Uninstaller which says it can uninstall plugins, but it's only trial. Might try it later.
There is a folder in your "C:\Windows" called "Downloaded Program Files". You could try that..

If the file you're looking for isn't in that folder, you can do a search in your computer for it. The filenames for the plugins are in the Manage Add-Ons at the far right side.
Advanced Uninstaller only show a few plugins oO Good thing it's just a trial.

How about registry? Where are the plugin info saved? (or do the plugins use reg at all)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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