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quote from iDeaS website:

And it's finally time to release the new iDeaS version
Here are the main changes:

* Implemented IPC Synchronise Register
* Implemented IPC Fifo Control Register
* Implemented graphic modes 3 e 5
* Implemented Memory Card Register
* Added extended palette layers
* Added extemded palette sprites
* Fixed some errors in FIFO 3D
* Fixed some errors in texture loading
* Fixed some errors in Video Memory remap
* Fixed some errors in new System Control Coprocessor

...and other small things

see :)

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The Khan Artist said:
Yeah, does anybody have a copy? The download link is broken.
there you go

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Compatability list:

Asphalt Urban GT - Nothing
Spiderman 2 - Runs, graphics are screwed up, can't get far.
Mr. Driller - Menus work just fine, doesnt go ingame
Ping Pals - "Please Calibrate Touchpad" error on boot.
Feel the Magic (E and U) - Nothing
Sprung - Goes ingame (only text is shown)
Zoo Keeper - Runs, but with massive graphical errors (would be playable if graphic errors are fixed, and the touchpad is fully emulated)
Meteos Demo - Runs just fine, but with huge graphical errors ingame.
Polarium - Title screen. Can not get past because of unemulated touch pad.
Golden Eye Rouge Agent - Does not work.
Need For Speed Underground 2 - Doesn't work.
Pokemon Dash - Gets to what seems to be the title screen. Graphical errors are massive.
Super Mario 64 DS - Doesn't work.
Star Wars Episode 3 - Boots, but seems to be stuck in a loop.
Ridge Racer DS - Gets to the "load" screen which shows copyright information, then it stops working.
Warioware Touched! - Doesn't work.

Electroplankton - Gets to title screen with massive graphical errors.
Submarine tech demo - Doesn't work.
Table Hockey - Doesn't work.
Zelda Gallery - Perfect.

The major problem with iDeaS right now, is its ability to display graphics on-screen, as well as emulating the touchpad. The touchpad is very unresponsive, and even has errors in games (such as in ping pals).

Any requests for pictures? I will gladly post them.

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Please, pix would be sweet! :thumb:
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