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Today Lino released new version of Nintendo DS emulator called iDeaS. Here's changelog:

Lino said:
  • Fixed bug in ARM opcode STM.
  • Fixed bug in OBJ Bitmap rendering.
  • Fixed bug in Mode 5 rendiring.
  • Fixed bug in SWI 4 emulation for ARM7 processor.
  • Fixed bug in Alpha Blending Effect.
  • Fixed bug in GXSTAT, LISTRAM_COUNT,VTXRAM_COUNT registers after SwapBuffer.
  • Fixed bug for cheats, now you can use USRCHEAT.DAT (case sensitive).
  • Fixed bug for Cartridges Access. (Thanks Normmatt for help).
  • Fixed bug for Temp Files using compressed files.
  • Added ROM Info Dialog Box.
  • Added Direct Command in OpenGL Plugin (SpeedUp for emulation).

Audio Plugin
  • Fixed bug in Loop Start Position.
  • Fixed bug in Resampling Option.
  • Added options for Disable/Enable/Volume Channles.
Source: iDeaS Nintendo Dual Screen Emulator

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Thanks, I gotta test this interesting release ;)

Sample looping has gotten better since the last time, but still there are the same problems: after playing a sample it still loops into the next one, and once again the beta plugin beats the current version. However the channel options can't be used on the older versions... oO
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