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iDeaS for Windows

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Hello everybody,

Today Im releasing the final of iDeaS (today it is only for Windows, in next days I'll release the version for Linux). There are some fixes and the new GBA emualtion features, I hope for you is great day like it's for me.
Particular execuses for audio's plugin but the help offer me by NHerve hasnt help me for the new release, and the plugin is again bugged.... always thanks NHerve.

However the chagelogs is :
  1. Fixed bugs in Software Lights Emulation.
  2. Fixed bug in SQRT coprocessor.

GBA Emulation (From my old RascalBoy Emualtor)
  1. Fixed bugs in DMAs channels emualtion.
  2. Added SWI 0x1F, 0x16, 0x12, 0x0F, 0x0E, 0x01.

The home page is iDeaS Emualtor. the better of no$gba :D
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Thank you ;) Now my antivirus doesn't claim anymore there's a virus.
I can open the site, but where am I supposed to download iDeaS? The download links that should be on the download page are completely missing.

EDIT: they show only when they want to, it seems :(
For me works perfectly :???:

iDeaS Nintendo Dual Screen Emulator

Press the "x" to expand the others menu.
I can't see links either. It just shows blank menus, both in IE and Firefox :(
The links are disappearing and reappearing quite randomly. Right now I posted, they were working. :)

If you still can't see the link: see this complete pack. I don't feel like uploading the version alone to reduce the ZIP size...
Whoa, links appeared for me too, but thanks for complete pack!
Links seem to work correctly now.
But I noticed another small problem: the download counters are broken. They're always zero. I'm reporting this just so Lino doesn't start believing that nobody cares anymore about his work.

EDIT: with the new audio plugin, ADPCM looping is buggy again. It's even worse than before. It seems to just not go to loopstart position when it reaches end!
I noticed Lino released source code of his wifi plugin, can't him do the same with his audio plugin? So I could more easily determine what the problem is.
My intentions are uniquely to help, I'm not going to steal or redistribute that code...
Well, the links just vanished for me earlier. Also, the forum DB seems to be offline. I'm wondering if the forum is being migrated?

The previous sound plugin (v1.0.1.4) was already broken like this, and didn't fix it (if Lino was supposed to fix it, because the changelog seems to say something different).
Maybe the problem seems to occur on certain instruments in particular.
There are problems with mysql, I dont know why, but I hope they resolve it. However the forum will migrate on other site.
There are problems with mysql, I dont know why, but I hope they resolve it.
I hope you'll have them solved! ;)

However the forum will migrate on other site.
Okay. I never posted in this forum anyway. Because there's one rule I find too harsh.

And what about the audio plugin source? If I had it I could tell you what the problems are exactly.
I saw you released the source of the wifi plugin, that's good. Maybe some interested people (like me) will help development of this plugin.
The WIFI plugin is opensource why some code is similar at dswifi lib and for this motive I decided this. The Audio Plugin isnt opensource why the code is mine :).
Okay, okay, then don't rely on me if you need help about that audio plugin :p
Because without having the source code I can hardly guess what the bugs are :p

About the wifi plugin. Yeah, I had a look at the source and I noticed it's quite a bit similar to dswifi lib. But if you want to make it work with most wifi-enabled apps, it lacks two important things:
1) periodically sending beacons (dswifi-based apps need this)
2) replying to probe requests (Nintendo WFC apps need this)

If you want I'm coding something a bit similar in DeSmuME. It's called SoftAP. It basically tries to simulate an access point.
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