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Lino has released a new beta version of iDeaS, taking the version to beta for windows. Here's the changelog: :D

Fixed bug in LDR opcode (ARM mode).
Fixed bug in SaveStates routines.
Fixed bugs in VRAMCNT_F and G registers.
Fixed bug in Texture Blending - (Decal Mode).
Fixed bug in Memory Viewer.
Fixed various bugs like memory leak.
Fixed bug in Matrix Position Stack.
Fixed bug in Projection Matrix.
Added support for Software Lights.
Added GBA emulation.
EDIT: About new beta Audio plugin :)
Fixed start position in ADPCM decoder. Thanks NHerve for help
Click here to download.

If you have problems with it (or with some games) then post here or in iDeaS forums. Thanks for the feedback. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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