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Lino has released the new version of iDeaS, taking the version to the for both version. Here is the news:


Fixed bug in showing SaveState's Menu.
Fixed bug in SSE's rotuines.
Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_C register.


Fixed a bug in video memory writing.
Fixed a bug in SWI Breakpoints (now are SWI 0xFD000, 0xFC000 in ARM mode and SWI 0xFD and 0xFC in THUMB mode).
Fixed a bug when resizing debugger window.
Fixed a bug in LISTRAM_COUNT register.
Fixed a bug that occur when you load a savestate (no more lcd swapping).
Fixed bug in Display Capture feature. (DISPCAPCNT).
Fixed bug in DMAxCNT registers when starting mode is 4.
Fixed bugs in BGxCNT registers.
Fixed a bug in VRAM Display.
Fixed bug in rendering of polygons with alpha channel in textures.
Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_A and VRAMCNT_B registers.
Added SpeedUp Button (CTRL+Space Bar).
Added BKPT opcode for ARM and THUMB state.
Added Main Memory rendering (only Display Capture).
Rewritten some routines in the management of asm instructions.
Fixed some bugs in GUI.

AceKard Plugin

Added support for AK2 (A special thanks to AceKard Team for free samples).

Microphone Plugin

Added support for Microphone Plugins.
HERE for download.

If there are big problems with some games write here or in the IdeaS Forum! Thanks for feedback! ;)
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