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Idea for FF9 pal uk - need corporation

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I have an Idea for playing ff9 pal uk on xPSXe.

I notice that the game consists of very few files. FF9.IMG is absolutily the game itself, as it is 300+mb.

The other two files, SLES_029.65 and SYSTEM. are very small.

I don't know if it is legal, but what will happen if I will replace the two small files with the game files from the us-ntsc or other version of the game? Perhaps those are the files that conpains the protections?

This is probably a dumb idea, But I just have to play this game!

If you have those files from other version, please send them to me. If I will succeed, I will share it with the board.

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IMO,it will not work since some changes have been made between the 2 versions of the game.
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