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Idea for FF9 pal uk - need corporation

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I have an Idea for playing ff9 pal uk on xPSXe.

I notice that the game consists of very few files. FF9.IMG is absolutily the game itself, as it is 300+mb.

The other two files, SLES_029.65 and SYSTEM. are very small.

I don't know if it is legal, but what will happen if I will replace the two small files with the game files from the us-ntsc or other version of the game? Perhaps those are the files that conpains the protections?

This is probably a dumb idea, But I just have to play this game!

If you have those files from other version, please send them to me. If I will succeed, I will share it with the board.

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Nice try no cigar. The reason why it doesn't work is the copy protection which is built into the games main executable. First it checks the disk for a magic key of some kind (I think its on the sub track from what I read on an earilier thread). If this key is incorrect or not found it activates a portion of code that crashes the playstation. Current emulators are not able to find this said code and thus the program crashes like if it was an illegal copy. The away around this currently is to hack the game so that if the code is incorrect it does the same thing as if it was correct, ie run the game.

However by its very nature the patches cannot be mullti version as the executible is different for each country.

For some reason to date the English UK has proved to be the hardest one to crack so no-one has done it yet.

Even if it it was possible the games main executible is contained within the img file (img sounds very much like image) so you would have to have this file too. suddenly you are looking at changing everything except the fmvs.. and that would be over 1 GB.

You'll either have to wait like the rest of us poor saps or import it.
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