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Thanks All for replyes

Now I will try (last time) in detail make my QUESTION!

1. I already know how to extract PSX CD to image file (ISO or BIN)
and I already played from image files games.
(sorry for my english)
Not this is my question!

Now what I want in details:

I want build NEW (modified) image file, (not an existing PsxCD copy)
from "myself" selected FILES (from that PsxCD).
For why:
Excluding some big MDEC files (such is CREDITS.STR and etc.)
I only want create a new image file with a smaller size!
For better keep it on my hard disk.
For example PsxCD game "Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge"
contain 391MB movies and 178MB game files!
This is my question! (project?)

Start my story:
Now I do following:
I copy(explorer method) PSXCD directories and files (not an ISO or BIN image file!)
into a directory on hard disk (in this time nothing excluded!).
I run program "CDRWIN", click on "File Backup and Tools",
choose "Build an ISO9660 image file" in dropdown menu,
select and add that directory, and click START.
(I try variety of options check or uncheck.
In this case checked:
recurse subdirectories;
check directory depth;
disable version numbers;
generate raw sectors.)

CDRWIN create ISO file and.....
And this file is not playeble for ePSXe, e.g. not PSX compatible.
In this case ePSXe show me only BIOS LOGO.
In second case:
I run "Virtual DAEMON Manager V2.60" and mount this image.
Image appears normal, files are same.
(I use "compare by content" in "Windows Commander 4.51")
then run ePSXe with CDR plugin "Barrett-Kazzuya" or "TSG MSCDEX"
(these plugins normally works with "DAEMON",
when I using true PSXCD image file).
"ePSXe" show error message:
with "TSG" plugin : Opcode 11 UNK (PC 00121674) (252,261);
with "Parrett-Kazzuya" plugin: in start showing 1 damaged frame and then black screen.

This is problem.

Now if we compare true PSXCD image file and created one, we can found
differences. Created ISO file is full 655mb (full cd size) , true image file is 597mb (for Aladdin)
PSXCD image conteins some information in first 16 sectors (4-11 sector range: maybe PS logo?) , created none and othr.
PSXCD image type is Mode2 Form1, created image type is Mode1 (use CDRWIN sector viewer). Maybe here is problem!
So I think, we need special tool for creating PSX compatible ISO image files!
Maybe some hacker have this tool or
maybe Sony Corp. give us....;)

End of story

Now my answers on some replyes.

to Bahamut_Zero
ISO created by adripsx contein no information (00 hex) in first 16 sectors and offen crashed with ePSXe

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try to use winimage....... First make a bin file from cdrwin......then make the bin file into an iso file using those bin to iso converters......then use winimage to see what is in the iso image and delete the files from the iso that you don't the movie files..I don't know if this will even work but you could try it.....

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Dont you have to make a mode 2 iso for use in the PSX (or emulator)? I presume when you mounted the ISO in daemon's tools you could see the files as you expected, but they were in the wrong mode??? What would happen in the games when they tried to read a non existant STR movie clip? Maybe you may have to make some small dummy STR files for this to work properly. Don't you also have to 'licence' your ISO image to make it bootable? Post your results if you have any luck. Sorry, no answers here but something to think about. :)

The cygwin port of mkisofs (a *nix tool for building .iso files) may be best suited for your needs, but it's probably the hardest to use...

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All you have to do is replace the movies(generally STR files)by dummy files of the same type(MOV,STR,ect...),if you just remove the file it will freeze when searching for the movie.
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