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I was bored

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I was bored and happen to have a copy of Adobe Illustrator CS2
You can name this character anything you want or call him any member
BTW. PNG files seem to be really small and support transparency I wonder why don't more people use it
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You're trying to send a message to an admin, Player-X? :p
Player-X said:
no actuaily, If wanted to I would use the PM system, I just wanted to know why PNG wasn't used with most websites even if it could produce smaller files
I was talking about the hentain part. Are you sure it wasn't directed at a certain admin :rolleyes:
Player-X said:
no if I wanted to direct it at kirby the guy would be a bright pink ball, I just need a name for that guy because I may be planning to make a web comic with that guy as a character
I liked the bright pink ball part :lol:

And you should call the guy Ash. He reminds me of Pokemon :p
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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