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I want to burn/write the .sav files created by no$gba emulator in dvds. Is it safe??

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As the title says..I want to burn/write the .sav files created by no$gba emulator in dvds. I really need to do this to make a backup. There is no other way.

Well, the reason I'm worrying about these .sav files to burn in dvds because these are "Case Sensitive". I mean, I have seen before, these save files get "erased" or "unusable" if I don't shutdown the pc properly after closing the no$gba program, like when restarting the pc from CPU or if the "load-shedding" occurs.

So, If I burn them in DVDs, will the save files work after copying them from dvds to pc?? or they will be unusable again??

Hey..I really need help with this. So please reply soon. thanks.
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As long as the .sav filename exactly matches the .nds one, it shouldn't be a problem. If the savegames get unusable because of a process after you shut down No$, you should consider running a virus scan or getting a new harddrive.
BTW, what exactly do you mean with "load-shedding"?
They are tiny so a CD would be more advisable just by the even if you copied a save file for every single DS game in existence from every DS emu in existence you would still be wasting about 99% of the DVD.

Also if you make sure that the games save to the hard drive by reloading (not resetting) the game after every time you save (or using NO$Zoomer to do it for you at the press of a button then there is no reason why your game should suddenly become erased or unusable unless you either start the emulator with the incorrect settings (on versions before no$gba 2.6a I always used to load another game first before the one I actually wanted to play so I could make the neccessary changes to no$gba's settings before accidentally loading no$gba with the incorrect settings and having the game wipe my save because of that) or you change the physical name of the game file to something different than the name of the save.

So in short, there's no reason why it should not work.

By load-shedding he means when his PC is running and the city he's in suddenly decides to cut power to his house in order to reduce the strain on the power plant which basically just mean his PC is suddenly just off without being shut-down. They also did it over here for a while till they realized that parts of our power grid were never meant to be turned on and off on a whim as Transformers started exploding left and right so they had to withdraw from the policy and only load-shed when it's absolutely neccessary...which at least for my area has been pretty much never since then.
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use a flash drive >.>
Flash drives however unlike most DVDs and CDs are not permanent though.
DVD's aren't permanent, so get that idea gone quick smart. they are only generally good for 5 years, and if they last longer then that, then you're lucky.

Flash drives however, allow for overwrites, which cuts down on the costs of reburning the data.
Hmm, I had forgotten about the cost of running backups yes.

And yes a DVD only last for 5 years however for those 5 years a DVD is more permanent than a flash drive as a flash drive can easily be overwritten whereas the DVD can't which as you pointed out is a plus....but also a minus as far as the security of the actual backup is concerned.
All files on a DVD have the "Read only" attribute. When you copy the saves off the DVD, it will most likely still have read only set. If read only is set, bad things can happen when no$gba tries to write the file.

To avoid this, you can either put the saves in a zip file before burning (for an even smaller size ;) ), or right click the file after copying it back selecting properties and ensuring that read only is not checked.
or use total commander which automatically sets file atttributes....
Oh..ok..thanks for the replies everyone ^_^
I will try them.
I would also suggest not using DVDs as backups. My experience with any disc burning has lead me to feel that it is too unreliable for backup purposes. I also assume you play these games still and re-writing to DVD-RWs after every few games is a long and tedious process.

As was mentioned before me a USB jumpdrive would do wonders in this situation. They are very cheap today. (You can buy a *cheap* 8 Gigbyte stick for 19.99 at retellers) Some also come with external switches that can be used to completely lock the drive from being written to if you are worried about that.

If you are worried about physically damaging your USB flash drive there is a water-proof, shock proof 16 GB for 39.99 here: OCZ 16GB ATV Waterproof USB Flash Drive, Black & Blue: Computers

*Edit* there are also smaller and larger memory sizes for the above ATV drive.
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