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I want connect my PSX pad to parallel port anyone can help me?

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What things u guy use to get psx pad connect with parallel port?
just a simple wires?
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i am to trying to make the same thing but i cannot find an psx pad extension here in portugal!!! if anyone knows where i can buy one reply!!

for your question go here:

it's simple and dual shock is supported even in pc games using force feedback!!:yawn:
you dont actually need an extension cable to do it. you can just cut off the end of the controller cable, but you wont be able to use it in your psx again. you could also get a printer extension cable and just wire the female 25 pin to the pads plugin part.
as for the simple wires thing, you also need diodes, however some people have had problems with them and avoided them altogether..
yes, i know all that but if i cut the wires out of the pad and this interface doesn't work, it's $$$ down the drain!:D

and are u saying that i don't need the diodes???:confused:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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