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Finally I get the chance to buy a new m/board using Celeron 1 Ghz CPU! Well, that's the cheapest I can get tho. P4 and AMD is quite Xpensive for me now... maybe in 2 years later no?;)

So, just wanna ask u ppl, w/ my new "PC", will I get a superb, well maybe not superb performance using Epsxe? here's my will-be pc spec:

Intel Celeron 1Ghz
Geforce 2 MX 32 MB (at last, I can finally use it :D )
20.5 GB Harddisk (U think how many ISOs can fit into it? ;) )
A3D Vortex Soundcard PCI

Not to show that I'm bragging off but... well, it's kinda slow for me but who cares!

One last thing, if I buy Gforce3, can it be used w/ Celeron 1Ghz???
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