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I observe something about my referrals

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Today at least I sure my referrals still 1
But now it 0.What heppened ???
In fact it not any problem but I just want to know.
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what is referrals for anyway? do we get a free NGEmu T-shirt for every eight referrals or sumthing? :p
A referal is where a new member mentions that you told them about the site whilst signing up.
Maybe the person you referred got deleted?
What is the prize for the person with the most refferals??? If it's good then maybe I'll reffer :D
The prize you get know...yeah.
i have one referral, but i dunno who he is.. :doh: hehehe:D:D:D
maybe he just picked you out of the member's list or something. :p i wonder why no one wants to be referred by me? :confused: :D :D :D
well since you're a chick again, im guessing that'l soon change.. hehehe:D:D:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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