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I need to Know whats the best Plugins for the ePSXe system

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Hey i Need to Know whats the best plugins for the ePSXe
I have a 1998 year pc with nothing changed. :cuss2: Its a slow pc so if anyone could tell me the best plugins for that type of slow pc. Thanks
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What video card do you have? Try starting off with P.E.Op.S. soft plugin for video, Eternal Lite (or null sound plugin) for sound, and either P.E.Op.S. (customizable), SaPu's, or Xeven's (both easy to use) for CD.
what are the computer specs? the year doesnt help us much, this isnt a car :p
If it has a Pentium II in it, then it might work. If it's a K6/K6-2, forget about it :p. My K6-2 500 wasn't able to pull off PSX emulation at full framerates at any time, even with a comparatively l33t video card (GF4 MX 420 PCI). I can't remember how well P.E.Op.S. ran on it but I don't think it ran very well either. I suppose I could go check though, the computer is downstairs...
A 1998 dated PC would most probably have these specs:

- At least a Pentium II/III
- 32/64MB RAM
- A crappy graphics card.
- Running Windows 98
- Minimal hard disk space (<8GB)
(If you try to run an image, you will never get it to run due to a slow filesystem.)
- Slow 24x/32x CD-ROM

You can still run ePSXe but at minimal settings. Post your PC specs and we will try to help.

n_w95482 said:
If it's a K6/K6-2, forget about it :p.
Try using a 3Dfx card, full-framerate as always :)
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