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I need some help...

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Hi, my name is Reuben, I have absolutly NO idea what people are talking abot when they talk about the "xbe" files :( . Can ANYONE help me out?


Does any one know if there are any emulators or anything that would allow a reular DVD-style written X-Box game (which x-Box games are) for those who don't know) to be put into a computer's DVD drive and then play it like that (through the computer's DVD drive)?

This is posted in the Cxbx part of the X-Box emulation forum.
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Razor Blade said:
Only one post within these message boards is needed ;)

Nope. The only way to get your PC to recognize Xbox games is to have a modded Xbox and rip it to your hard drive by using it. I don't know how all that works, but a few people here should.

First: I guessed that someone who might have the answers that I need might look in the wrong one.

Second: my computer reads DOA 3 just fine so, I don't know wut you are talking about; it just does not hav a way to play them properly.
Razor Blade said:
This is probably the best place you can go to ask about the Xbox and emulators for it ;) There are tons of people that know alot of the Xbox there :) Good luck!

Thnx, I'll check it out.
shadow_tj said:
short answer.. xbe files are the executable files for xbox games.. yust like the .exe executable files on you pc.

Thnx, that explains alot (I am NOT being sarcastic) it really does).
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