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Hi. Please forgive me. I'm sorry if it can't be done in here, for on question about this but; i tried everything, everywhere and i don't know on where to search and ask again.
I need to contact with the Actual Emulator Author. Who did the recent versions ( Undead editions ) I wanted on ask because, i tried on contact with him inside at his website, even inside on another Emulator sites that supposes to be supported and managed by him ( or them ) but failed miserably.

Ok. My problems dwells inside at the Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (U) [ The American version ] there are some minor graphic bugs inside at the second battle with Death. There are no fixes available inside at the emulator for that. I tried different old versions from the Undead versions, and even from the Old Original versions from Nestopia. But the problem stand still as if the game came with those inconveniences naturally ( and it's not )

However. I tested the European and Japanese versions, and those problems won't exist inside on that versions. But, i don't like those regional differences. I really love the American version ONLY.
..... However. I tested this American version inside on: Mesen, Fce Ultra, Fceux, VirtuaNes. And those problems Don't exist.

Ok. You may ask. Why on keeping playing this game on Nestopia, if i can play this game version inside on almost anywhere, and much better. Specially inside at those Emus that i've have already name at them?
Because, I used this Emu for years, i think and feel that Nestopia it's a great Emulator. It opens almost everything ( everything ) every game perfect ( almost ) and it's one of my choice.

I tried on contact to the Author because of that problem. But i can't managed on to speak with him.
I can't believe it. Years have been passed ever since with it's great emulator. And they don't even fixed this little inconvenience into this actual days?

The Author ( the Undead Edition ) told inside at his Website, that he soon will release another new update for it.
I need on contact with him before it's to late ( hope on that .... )

Anybody knows on where i can contact with him?
Hope this will be the end of my years on searching ......
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