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ok, i could say somethen about double posting but right now it wouldnt say much, avoid posting too much, u can edit your own posts with the edit button in the lower right part of 'em

anyway there u download sound/video plugins get the pete's gpu and eternal spu plugins as those are the best, but u can try others

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Where Can I Download (radeon 9007 Pro)
the post right above that one. plus it's probably 9700--there is no 9007.

Also Can You Play Playstation Emulators In A Windows Me Computer

Which Websites Can I Download Video Plugins Like

Pete Opengl
did you even click on the link i gave?

I Have A Windows Me Coputer, Epsxe 1.60;and Video Plugins.all The Plugins I Have I Extracted It Contents But When I Open Epsxe 1.60>config>video Boom Does Not Say Anything Is Just Blank.
Please Need Help
does "location:CA" mean California? what is the deal with all the capitalized words man? if english isn't your first language, then keep working on it. start by not capitalizing every letter. if english IS your first language...then shape up buddy, you're not impressing anyone.

and yeah stop quad posting. i'd appreciate it. and for that matter, thread jacking. if you need help make your own thread, don't come in ruining someone else's help thread.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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