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i need help with star ocean 2

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when i got to clik i had the same problem everyone did so i went thru it using vgs. now im at the end of the game. when i enter fienal, after ronixis's ship take 2 hits, whhen they ae about to take a third, the game stop showing images. i hear music going on (sometimes it stays at normal speed, sometiems goes super fast). pressing buttons don't let me go on. when i use diffferent emulators they don't seem to work. it works in adripsx but that doesn't support memcards and i don't see a statesave converter. vgs didn't work well with disk 2. it stays blank when i use a cd and when i use virtual daemon to fake a cd drive with an iso file, it stops loading after the links logo. with fpse, it doesn't seem to load. when i change plugins and between cds and iso. im trying to work out the problems at thei forums. is this a common problem o is it only me?
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i was hoping that would work but sadly it didn't :(
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