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I need help with Gran Turismo 2

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Hello. I just downloaded a emulator, ePSXe. I downloaded the plugins and they all work. But when I try Gran Turismo 2, I see the copyrights, the message who say to drive correctly in the real life, and then, nothing except a black screen. What I am doing wrong?
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From epsxe faq:

"enable 'Accurate CD-ROM Timing' under Config > CD-ROM, or start ePSXe with the '-cdtiming' command-line switch."

pom pom pom...
do not forget to configure properly your cdrom plugin too...(give the right cd rom's letter)
Re: oups

Originally posted by Bruno
Oups, ok, forget it, I had choose the wrong cd-rom. It works now. Thank you very much. Sorry for the stupid question. Next time, I will check the faq first.
hehe, it s no problem.
I guess people aren t enjoying the faq because of the text' s form
of this one..perhaps if it was in html w/ a cool design? (who knows ;) )

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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