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Your specs are a lot like mine, so I will give you my Configuration.

Use ISOs/bin format

Use the 1001 BIOS


Pete's D3D driver 1.50

Fullscreen Mode- 640x480
Color Depth- 16 bit
texture quality-R4 G4 B4 A4 Filtering- none
Caching type- none
Use Frame Skipping- Yes
Auto detect FPS- Yes
Offscreen Drawing- Standard
Advanced Blending- Hardware
Framebuffer Textures- GFX( if you want special effects) Emulated VRAM works fine too
Speed up with mdecs- Yes
Color Dithering- Yes
Special Game Fixes- G4 polygon cache


Null2's audio driver 1.24 (Be sure to use one of the earlier versions)

Attributes- 48000Hz, 16Bit
buffer length- 50
block- 6
Interval 8ms
Reverse L/R- Yes
force VAG 48kHz- Yes
enable VAG stream- Yes

That should make the game just about perfect. The only problem
that I have is that sometimes, the battles are a little too fast.
100-125 FPS
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