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OK, i am away from home at the moment for a few months. I am using my aunts computer and it is way more underpowerd than my computer, i believe it is on only a 900mhz processor, very little ram at all and a stock on board video card.

My computer back home is a 1.4ghz dual processor, 128 megs of ram, and a 64meg video card that can run PSX games full blast with all graphics options turned on and they look great.

BUT... I was never able to get GBA roms to work well, they always used to run real slow on my computer back home. I dunno if it was becuz my computer had tons of virus or the oldest version of Windows XP or what. But my aunts computer, although no perfect, is running VBA MUCH MUCH better than my computer back home.. Maybe i have a newer version of the program?

Anyways i just wanted to get some input from VBA pros, i plan on taking this version of the emu back home to my computer since my computer has been reformatted and has a newer updated version of XP.

Also can someone give me the best settings i can put for best framerate I notice many GBA games look rather choppy on Youtube/bigger tvs

Thanks in advance

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Automatic frame skipping would help considerably, as well as not using the 1.8 beta.
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