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I need a computer for about £100

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Its for my brother. He only has about £100-£130 to spend on a computer so I'm not expecting anything too shiny just basic stuff and the ability to play some older games. Could someone help me find a machine that suits him, we live in the UK and it doesn't matter if it is reconditioned or whatever. I am able to build one up from the componants but I really can't be bothered so if possible I would prefer a pre-built one.

Like I said the power isn't expected to be big so a weak computer would be fine and also he already owns a monitor so its just the base unit I am after.

Thanks in advance
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Hmmm at that price tag you're basically talking 2nd hand. The cheapest "new" computer I ever saw was over double that figure. The only real suggestion I can make is that you try ebay ;).
This sounds a bit weird, but if you're willing to trust me I could sell you my first PC for around £120. It was bought in 1999, and is kinda lightweight by today's standards and even has an ISA slot. :rotflmao:

The specs:

Windows 98
500mhz Pentium 3 (SECC)
128mb RAM
Onboard ATI Rage Pro (i think it's 16mb, might be 32mb)
56k Modem
DVD Rom Drive
CDRW Drive
16gb + 40 gb Drives
Floppy Drive

And I'd buy you a new case as well since it's ... ... ... less said the better (took 4 years of drunken rages).

Depending on where you live in the UK depends on postage >_>. If you're interested email/AIM/ICQ me.
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