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I My Me: Strawberry Eggs; Where to find?

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Hi. I hope someone here can help me. Last yeah, I bought (on e-bay) the first 13 episodes of this serie. But the ending was... I don't know... I felt like something was missing there. I was looking at a site, and I heard that they made 13 more episodes, but I could never find any info on them.

So, does anyone knows if they really made more episodes, and if yes, where can I find them? (Can be second hand, as long as they work!)

Thanks ;)
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Oh, I see... kinda like Midori No Hibi, huh?
Well, I'm sad actually. Strawberry Eggs is one of my favorite animes... More episodes would be great...
Well, thanks for your help. I guess I'll just start watching Full Metal Alchemist... I have 51 episodes here, but I've never saw them. Lets see if I like it!!
Thanks again! ;)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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