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I just thought of the most awesome feature that VBA needs!

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Option : No music speed-up at turbo speed. It would be perfectly safe to implement if you just seperate the real buffer that moves with the turbo speed and a fake buffer that moves at normal speed. And it would be awesome! Please do something like this, Kxu!

ps : sorry if this isn't the place, but I'm not sure there is one (place), so I put it here.
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Samor said:
It worked great at the time because many pcs werent up to full psx speed
I doubt that at the time PC's where not running at psx speed, probably you mean they werent powerful enough to emulate the playstation but in terms of cpu etc I think when bleem was released the PC had gotten ahead of the psx...

The problem here with the speed up sound would be to isolate graphics, music fx, music and sound fx because you get alot of that in the emulator. It can be easily implemented but the sound effects would be behind, shoot something and the sound comes ten minutes later
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