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I just thought of the most awesome feature that VBA needs!

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Option : No music speed-up at turbo speed. It would be perfectly safe to implement if you just seperate the real buffer that moves with the turbo speed and a fake buffer that moves at normal speed. And it would be awesome! Please do something like this, Kxu!

ps : sorry if this isn't the place, but I'm not sure there is one (place), so I put it here.
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As far as i know this would be very difficult to code into VBA, fist of all (and i might be wrong) i dont think that the sound / visual information is coded seperatly for GBA sofware as it is for DVD's / mpegs (which i think is where this has come from). If the info is not seperate then you need to fins way to ditinguish between the two types of data.
And the second and i think most difficult bit would be being able to re intergrate the audio and visual streams once you come out of turbo, the game would be at one point but the sound would be playing catch up 'cos it would be a few seconds behind. I supose you might be able to get arround this by making VBA measure the amount of time you were in turbo and skipping the correct amount of BGM. And for SE's you would have to sync them to what you were doing (by speeding them up) then slow them back down so they sound right.

Don't get me wrong it would be good but i think it would be far to difficult to code (correct me if i'm wrong)

I hope all that makes sence sorry to ramble
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