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I have two problems with this emulator

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OK first for some reason I can't change the pad. It only gives me two options when I go to config and click the pull down menu. I only get njoy and the Dolphin event pad which says "Can't open Plugins/Plugin_PadSimpleEvnt.dll, it has a missing function" which is fine because I want to use my keyboard anyway but I don't even get the option to use the keyboard. Second I want to run Dolphin win Dx9 but for some reason when I click the pull down menu for graphics I can only pick Dolphin OpenGL which when I try to open (I selected njoy so I can at least how it would run on my computer) it says "Can't create opengl renderer. You might be missing some required opengl extensions, check the logs for more info."

If you guys can help me through these issues I would be grateful. Thanks.

There fixed the grammatical error.
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You'll be grateful if we can't help? :p

Anyway, Make sure your DirectX is up to date, and if OGL complains about that, make sure your drivers are up to date, and that you're not using a ****ty integrated Intel graphics card.
Direct X is up to date and I'm pretty sure the drivers are too. I do have a ****ty @$$ graphics card so maybe that's the issue. I've been wanting to get a better one but I don't have the money right now.
Keep saving up then. You'll have less frustrations with emulators with a real GPU.
from what u said about "can't load plugin thing", I am sure 99% that ur directX is not updated. U should install directX March 2009 (see faqs or search google for the link).
direct 9.0c is all u need, there is no difference in febrauri or march -.-
There is nothing to talk about. [no sarcasm] It seems like he has "awesome" video card to run Dolphin. [/no sarcasm]
no. as far as i know, u need at least directX November 2008. in recent svn, u need directX march 2009 in order to load graphic plugin dx9
direct 9.0c is all u need, there is no difference in febrauri or march -.-
No, that's wrong and that's why most of people there have problem with it.

If you download a Dolphin build which has been compiled using the march 2008 version of the DirectX SDK, You will likely not be able to run those plugins using an older DirectX version (also includes DirectInput, that's used in nJoy and wiimote plugin)

That's why you NEED the latest DirectX update to use Dolphin properly ;)
Tell me what is different from those versions? You get 0 Difference on your fps when you play games.
Just you may get more improved emulator using it. Can you see how much emulator improved from Open Source start?
Ok my Direct X wasn't up to date, although I thought it was but whatever. So that fixed the issue about the controller but it still doesn't give me the option to use Direct X 9 as the graphic renderer and when I try to use Dolphin OpenGL it still gives me the same error message.
You need CgD3D9 in order to be able to select the DX9 video plugin. This can be found respectively for x86 or x64 in a folder for the Dolphin source code..

However don't bother with it as the plugin doesn't work, is being worked on, and causes errors/crashes and possibly in rare instances BSOD's in Windows in it's current form.

I tried using the current DX9 video plugin, with one or few of the games I got an error related to the plugin, then my entire system BSOD'd which is running Windows XP x64..

So just use OpenGL for now until DirectX is fixed, or download an older build of the DirectX plugin when DirectX was last working..

CgD3D9 must be placed in the root of the Dolphin folder, but as mentioned don't bother trying to use the DX9 plugin as it pretty much doesn't work at the time..
2483 was the last DX9 working revision, just for the record.
r2484 - dolphin-emu - Google Code <- First revision that breaks DX9, thus 2483 == the last working DX9. :p
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