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I have problems with a couple of games!!

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I use epsxe since óne week. My problem is that i can´t play a few(pal) games for example vagrant story,final fantasy 9,vanishing point,thrasher...etc.!I´ve tried iso´s and patches from megagames
too but it didn´t work.Other emulators like vgs doesn´t work!
I´m using pete´s d3d plugin I have an athlon 700
with 192mb ram and a geforce2mx!Please help me!
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which os are u running with?
if u re using linux or even unix one. It won t work...Windows ones will all work perfectly w/ the 1.4.0 version of ePSXe.

Since u have a GF2MX, i recommend you to get the pete OGL GPU plugins.
Other thing: Which bios are u using? Try the scph1001 or the scph7502 (both recommended by the ePSXe team)

Oh and FF9 are running perfectly w/ ePSXe (I tried a bit w/ Vagrant story too, but there sounds problems which haven t been all solved...)

I´m using win 98 with direct x 8a.I´m using epsxe 1.4!
if u don t mind, could u answer to those questions?

which bios are u using?
could u put ur configuration settings? (plugins used)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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