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Can somewan help me I hawe notebook asus
CPU-Pent T3200(2Gh, dual-core)
memory 2GB
Graphic Intel Int. GMA X3100 Gfx (max 256)

the grafik of the game persons is good but i have problems with the pre-rendered backgrounds, I use Pets Open GL 1.76

Need help.:???::???::???:

From Love and Limerence
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You never explained what the problem is?

If it's what I think it is in that they're blocky and pixellated, that's normal. The game is not HD, so don't expect to play in HD resolutions and get a clear and crisp image with the whole game. Stuff that is pre-rendered as opposed to rendered can't be made to look better by simply increasing it's drawing resolution. In fact, that often makes pre-rendered stuff look worse.

Here's your options. You can use any or all that you want.

1. Lower the resolution. Do note that 640x448 is already twice the resolution of this game (its' 320x224 for about 85% of the game). I think when played, the game and/or Playstation still output to the television at 640x448, but the blurring of a CRT television covered the pixellation and blended the dithering. That's just a guess of mine though. Either way, the source image is 320x224. If you're using even 1280xanything, you're already stretching the backgrounds about four times their normal size.

2. Use filtering for the 2D via the plug-ins. I personally think filtering level 2 with High Resolution textures set to 2 (stretched) works best for this game.

3. Use shaders and/or smoothing effects.

The last two options might be out for you. For sure, using shading options is out, since you need the OpenGL 2 plug-in, which your laptop's GPU won't handle, and I also don't know how well it'll handle high resolution textures, but that one it might do.
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