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I have an anime problem, I'm obsessed with the stuff.

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Issue A:

Not only do I collect anime, but it's the only thing I collect.
I literally spend hundreds of dollars on just a few shows, and you can guarantee that I will buy and enjoy any anime, no matter of crap it is in the eyes of every human being in existence.

Issue B:
I spend more time watching my anime collection over and over again than every other activity put together.

Issue C:
I dream about anime.
In fact, my dreams are literally filled with warrior anime girls, which I have somehow mystically created from the top of my head.

Issue D:
I daydream about anime. Anytime I'm walking down a long path or I'm doing something boring, I fade out of reality and think about those warrior anime girls which are mysteriously created in my head.
The best part about this is they are random everytime I dream/daydream. :lol:

Issue E:
I enjoy looking at hentai.

Are these the signs of an anime nut? Or are many of you guys more hardcore than I am? ;)
Thankfully I don't visit anime expos or dress up as any anime characters. :lol:
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Hmm... Well, maybe you should balance things out with more video game playing ;).
Problem? what problem? j/k

It's just a sign that you're really into it but not obsessed It's not a problem unless you start thinking and talking like anime as well then you're obsessed and admiting to having a problem is half the effort of solving it
i think someone needs a gf... and a life... and no, i'm not that person. :D
geez.. so just stop watching.. or just watch an ep a week..
Take your anime collection, burn them, and after realising your mistake, come and hunt me down. Gives you something else to think about. :lol:
I thought issue E was normal? :nod: :p
Only with Kirby. :p
Yes, you're obsessed. Watch out when you start to make self-justifying speeches and threatening to kill everyone for any perceived wrong done against you. You might soon be the subject of a thread here, with the headline "Anime nut kills whole family and is caught watching Evangelion". :lol:
everything looks normal except for issue A lol XD, hmm well just a normal obssesion maybe u should i dunno get a girlfriend that makes u stop watching anime for a while or try to do something like "40 days and 40 nights" but with anime lol XD I did it once lol now I feel better XD lol. :p issue E is just healthy aahahahaahahaah
I think this is one of the most normal posts Kiler ever made. :p
Yes, it's normal
Maybe you can start learning Japanese either by self-studying or taking classes? That way you get something really useful out of it and makes all the time spent watching anime more worthwhile.
MaZa said:
Take your anime collection, burn them, and after realising your mistake, come and hunt me down. Gives you something else to think about. :lol:
or better give it to me :heh:
The reason anime is so addicting is that somehow the people drawing it manages to make the characters appear so life-like, I don't know how they do it, they just do.

Especially Tohru-Kun ( Honda Tohru ) in fruits basket, it feels almost like I know her, even if she's just a anime character.
K.I.L.E.R, go outside for a bit its good for u :p hang out with friends, ask girls out.

stop wasting your life!! :p
its only anime
It's possible to do both :)
chuck it all out. its garbage anyways.
i agree with yeloazndevil. you seem to be obsessed with anime and overindulge in it O_O
If this post really was serious, I'd say you better start watching out for issues C and D, and possibly B as well. Unlike what you might be imagining though, issues A and E are entirely normal.
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