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hi everybody im new in the forum
it's the best emu for dreamcast of all
i have the plug-ins + emu, bios
i was trying to run samba de amigo for dreamcast
the console says "error in./dc/men/sb.cpp:sb_writenMen:422"
and "not implemented" mmm obiously is a beta

but why it can run the game? the console shows error, and
the emulation continues.

my problem is why it can run samba de amigo and didnt run
space channel 5? and others
why it shows error and runs and the other shows error and doesnt

i supoues it... "not implemented" because the nulldc is not
i was trying to run space channel 5

my hardware is:

pentium 4 -2.40 Gz-
1 Gb Ram
ati radeon 9250-128 Vram-
win xp sp3

thank you for the emu its great
and i didnt see an emu can run the 3d of
dreamcast ( chankast?) but nulldc runs all
exactly the real console.
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