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The first error i got was: Unable to load bios: 'Bios\',PCSX2 can't run without that,i can only choose OK button
then a black screen appears,when i minimize it i get the same error again
and i choose ok again,then this maessage appears: Uncoverable error while running recompiler,i can only choose OK button,i click on OK and it using no Bios.

what do i do now??

(i used the comfigurations that was posted at this fourm)

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KanedA was a bit quick to jump to conclusion, you didnt actually break any rules in THIS thread.
You need a bios, the only legal way to do this is dump your BIOS from your own PS2, if you dont own one, its tuff ;)

just dont ask where to download them.

Edit: actually in the faq link he gave you there was this

Q: Where's the bios?

A: It is Illegal to ask for a BIOS, as the BIOS is copyright of SONY. If you wish to use a REAL BIOS with PCSX2, you can dump it from your own PS2 (there are guides on the internet for that). Or find it by yourself.

which answers your question
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