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I don't understand it at all

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I just downloaded ePSXe, and I did the initial configuration but I wasn't actually sure what I was doing, it was asking me to download plugins and BIOS things, which I have no idea about but I think I got it in the end.

But I have a few queries.
1) I own loads of PlayStation discs (PAL region). Is it possible to just put these in the disc drive and play them using the emulator?

2) How can I be sure that I have configured it correctly? I really wasn't sure what I was doing.

I don't know if these details will help but I'm using a fairly high end laptop, decent specs, good hardware etc.
I just can't get my head around it all, I've spent the past 3 hours or so just looking around the internet everywhere for help and I can't do it. Whenever I try running from the CD-ROM, on the BIOS thing (the black window with all the writing) it gives loads of error messages. I followed the walkthrough on the site and it didn't help at all...
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you should be able to play off your discs provided you have subchannel reading enabled for whatever CDR plugin you are using. i suggest playing off images though whenever possible, for PAL region games you should make them in a format like .ccd or mdf (see link below).

if you could just post your exact system specs and screenshots of all the error messages you are getting from the logger it would be helpful in answering the rest of your questions.
Thanks for the help.
Here are my specs in the dxdiag attatchment.

Although as I was typing this post, I seemed to fix it.
That post really helped. I used that CloneCD to extract the data from the CD and save it to my hard drive and then I play from the image I created. But a few last questions...

1) Am I right in assuming that the larger resolution I choose the more grainy and pixellated the game will be? I'm playing FFIX and the only way I can get it to look nice is in windowed mode with 640 x 480. My normal resolution is 1366 x 748 (I think thats right). Is there any special settings I could change to make it look nice full screen?

2) Is it normal for it to take about a minute to initiate the game after I click on the image?

3) Is there a way to get my XBOX360 control to work with any games I play on the ePSXe emulator? I looked this up and it said it should work if I just connect the control and install the drivers, which I did, but nothing happens. The lights on the control don't even turn on.

4) When using CloneCD to extract the disc data, on disc 4 of Final Fantasy IX, it says "Failed to read Sector (n)" yet the disc is in near immaculate condition. Does this mean the disc is damaged in an unnoticable way and can't be used?
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heres my answers:

1) search for settings, be specific to a game or just try different settings... if you get the settings right you can make the background less pixelated but not perfect and you can get 3d graphics look much better on ffix

2) explain more clearly on what is your issue here and your system specs

3) Yes you can get the controller to work as long as its is permnantely wired version, the wireless ones wont work unless you buy a reciever for it and no the usb cable for the wireless wont make it work its for charging and not sending any info from the controller but if you googled the issue or searched this forum you can get the answer for this and for your other questions as well.

4) please note that it is hard to copy ffix properly as it has copy protection, try another app to copy it, the best one ive used is daemon tools but it needs to be registered but it is the best one to use to copy with little effort

note: i just checked your system specs and i wont recommend to make the game graphics at higher quality since its likely to cause serious slowdowns.

also try out 'psx' emulator, it is very easy to configure and it should run fine on your system
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Wahoo I fixed it all and all the PSX games run perfectly :)
Thanks for the help!
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