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i don't get this, any help?

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how do i figure this out?

10.g of C?H? are burned 29.30g CO2 produced,

what is the emp formula?

anyone know how to do this?


C=80.g, H=13.2g,O=106.8g, GAM= 240g/mole (have to find real formula

hope someone can help
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Bgnome is your man for that. :)
well, this area is my forte but im not getting the exact parameters of the question being asked.
the hydrocarbon seem to have oxygen in it, which you dont state in the first part.
you need to figure out moles of carbon first.. you can convert the moles of CO2 to moles of C in 10 grams of hydrocarbon, but this wont tell you the empirical formula.. you need more info.
the second part will probably help but, like i said, i dont understand what the question is saying.
Originally posted by Bgnome
i dont understand what the question is saying.
I think he is also testing your imagination? ;)
i got my friend's notes, but he just wrote down the problems, which were to be done for classwork and homework, i should have gotten someone more reliable,damn.

but thanks for trying to help
well, i need specifics..
are those measurements in the las part, all from the hydrocarbon or is that including the oxygen used in the combustion reaction? etc..
ok, looking at it again, im guessing that they are 2 spearate problems?

for the first one, you are missing the water produced so you cant do a mass balance. the only thing you can do is find the moles of carbon. hydrogen is a mystery if you have no info on it.

second one is easy:
change all grams to moles.
divide by the smallest quantity (prolly either C or O, most likely O)
this will give you the empirical formula.
figure out the empirical weight by adding up the g/mol for all the atoms. this should be a whole number factor of the GAM, so divide the GAM by this number and you will have the scaleup ratio for the actual molecular formula.

i have an idea for the first one.
once you find moles of C, you can take the mass of that out of the 10g. whats left should be only hydrogen atoms, allowing you to find moles of H.
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Originally posted by gouki29
he just wrote down the problems
only problem but no question.. i guess the hardest part is how to figure out the question but not how to do it...

Anyway, good luck dude.
thanks again, missed two days of class because i was sick.

CH2 O?

now to finish my rough draft on my book report

read "knight" by Elie Wiesel

Anyway, good luck dude.
definately will, the quiz is tommorow and the teacher will have expected me to have gotten notes from my so called reliable friend.
i belive its Night and CH20 doesnt sound particularly right. you probably arent dealing with formaldahyde. i would guess that you are dealing with some sort of sugar, which has a molecular weight thats a multiple of that, ie CnH2nOn (glucose is C6H12O6).
1. Night is a good book.
2. Chemistry sucks. I'll just did those stuff, and am doing thermodynamics right now. It's easy, but annoying. Have a question for you, Bg, should I take AP Chem or AP Physics next year? Which one looks better on college application for a tech school?
I need to agree with that chem thing, I HATE IT. Even in Chem II, it must be my poor teacher who makes things more complicated than they really are. Like Stoichiometry, something really easy made really hard by him. :mad:
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