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I discovered a way to workaround MGS MDEC crashes in ePSXe 1.40!

Use pete's executor front end and DISABLE ALL THE MDEC OPTIONS!!!

MGS will be fully playable, Unfortunately you'll have to give up the FMV sequences


Here are my setting's

Pete's GPU 1.50
Prodigy SPU 0.1 (Buffer: 40 , Block 4)
ISO or Internal CD Plugin (pete's works just as well)

but for MGS I recommend FPSE
Pete's GPU 1.50
Prodigy SPU 0.1 (buffer:25 , Block 3)
Native FPSE Plugin (cache 512, speed slider max for win 2K/ or pete's CD 1.5 for win9x)

Null 1.34 (not 1.35) works just as well too

(ooh off MGS topic, here are the best settings I discovered for FF8 & 9 with Prodigy SPU)
Buffer 40
Block 6

Video won't stutter with these settings, and you can hear some of those missing sound effects in the begining of FF9 that null's doesn't completely play :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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