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I didn't know Nokia has monopoly on the cellphone patents.

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Mobile phone giant Nokia sues Apple over iPhone - Yahoo! Philippines News

The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption?

GSM, UMTS (3G WCDMA) and wireless LAN standard.

OK, when did Nokia invent the cellphone?
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Industry specialists said Nokia had failed to improve its smartphone selection to attract customers to choose Nokia models instead of iPhone or Blackberry
I sense... desperation :p
something like that. Can't say those Nokia smartphones are attractive compared to the competition... even winmobile looks slicker (and that's not a compliment for ms).
It's not really a monopoly, its just that normally in cellphone markets the companies pay to each other when they use their innovations, what apple hasn't done since they entered the markets with iPhone.

but who knows, I'm not sure if Nokia owns the patents on those things. But it could...

But who wants to buy iPhone anyways, its just an overpriced mp3 player like all the apple products!:lol:
god i hate these big companies that go patent crazy.

essentially patents nowadays are just ways wealthy companies can sue other wealthy companies.
its not like any of these revolutionary ideas are the companies anyways....
they're the ideas of the employees which somehow become the companies whenever they mention it; and you can bet the employees that think of the cool new ideas, are usually not the ones that are making the huge $$$ of it.

furthermore, there's inevitable paths technology will take (for example: if person x didn't invent z, person y would eventually discover z.)
and patenting some of these paths will just limit growth as it only allows the first person who thought of the idea to profit.
now ideally the patent protects the inventor's idea; but when you factor in that it costs expensive and time consuming for the average individual ($2500+), then you'll quickly see that the people that can patent more things are the wealthy individuals and the wealthy companies.
so essentially patents are making the rich get richer.

what would be interesting to balance this would be perhaps limitations on how often an entity can apply for a patent, or some other solution.

anyways i don't know the legal side of patents; but its just annoying always hearing how company X sues company Y for hundreds of millions of dollars for patent violations.
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Actually i'm for the patents if firm A (who has employer X) discovered and created something new and awesome which of course will bring money (in other words did all the hard work) why should firm B just come along and do the same thing based on firm A's work and make an even income or higher, sorry that ain't fair. And you also say why does the firm get to get the pattern if an employer found the new innovation well, 1 the thing is he was paid (and i'm pretty sure paid good), 2 you think all researchers did there work on there own ? no company's gave'd them the material and resources needed to complete there work and its not always just one man but a group as well.
patent filling makes me nervous.....i would be applying for a patent next year....(my thing/innovation is nothing complex but a combo of some individual innovations)

as for nokia is concerned....they seem to go out of idea with their cell phone models at the entry level
But the problem is some of the patents are too vague or too broad in explanation that they can encompass a whole generation of devices.....
But the problem is some of the patents are too vague or too broad in explanation that they can encompass a whole generation of devices.....
Which probably was the idea behind creating a vague description of the patent...
Actually, I hope Nokia wins.

The only thing that annoys me more than companies holding patents for everything is Apple.
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