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I didn't believe it but it works!!

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I normaly don't believe in these "get paid" stuff, but this thing really works.

I coppied and pasted some of the following stuff from another site.
Back in like 1999 there were a bunch of companies that paid you to surf the web. You had to download a banner program and it would flash advertisements while you were on the company. Of course, people found ways to cheat the system and they all went bankrupt. But another company is trying it again...this time, instead of a banner ad program, you just open a webbrowser to their rotating ad page. They pay $.45 an hour. .45 * 24 * 30 = $324 a month.
Who knows how long they're going to last. You can get your payouts sent to your paypal account though. Minimum payout is $25.
And you don't have to download anything, so no spy-ware.
Just click a button, and it opens a new window (or tab), that rotates ads every 30 seconds (and no pop-ups or spy-ware).
They require that your email be valid, and and that you agree to receive email from them (spam?). If your email account is closed, or full, they will terminate your status. So make a free e-mail account for this.

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ugghhhhh...another new user with only one post...
Admins, can't we get a better filter on this kind of crap?
No advertisements, please. Read the RULES .

These guys register just to avertise... this is getting annoying.

should I just Lock this or delete this?

(edit: That answers my question )
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