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I did a port from pal to ntsc, and now?

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I found on a site some tools to make patches for psx cd, so i made a patch for my FFIX PAL-ITALIAN CD to port it to ntsc system...and now, I thought that doing so my game should start on epsxe (damn, my english is really bad)...but noway

Does some of u now when i apply a patch (for example the huligans one) what really do i do?

Tnx in advance

Any suggest to make patches?
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You could also do this;

First get the patch file (ppf) that you need to use

Second if you have Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.6, thats good. If not get it here Pete's homepage

Now third configure Pete's CDR plugin by going to the "PPF patches" section;
-(check) Use PPF patch file
-And at (file: ) browse the PSX game patch that you have in your computer

And click O.K., and thats it.


And this is how I play my Dino Crisis, by surpassing the protection fix;)
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