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For some reason, i can't seem to get this emu working at all. All my plugins are configured correctly, but everytime i run it. The load state window always pops up, even though i'm not trying to load a game state save. I click cancel, and it auto pop's up again. What could i be doing wrong? or what should i change?

System: (of course)
SbLive! card
256 133 ram cas2
GeForce2 mx (using pete's OpenGL like i use with ePSXe which works awesome)

tried both midas and pete's audio (i think that was it)
tried all cd drivers
pete's opengl drivers

tried mixing most all options in plugins and controllers mode (oh yeah, dx7 controlller plugin)

please email any suggestions on something i might have missed, i've extremely experienced with emu's and stuff, so this is very boggling to my mind.

Oh yeah, the older AdriPSX version just kept refreshing screen over and over and over, in every resolution., The newest beta just instantlly starts to bring up the Load State window. Hope someone can help me.
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