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:mad:I have been trying to get my FF7 Game to save for 3 days now. Where do I go to Download the Memory card? Everytime I start a new game and save, it does not save to epsxe 1.7.0. ? I downloaded Petes GPU and the BIOS Plugin. The game runs find. HOW THE HELL do I save my game so I can go on..?:mad: If I select Memcards Folder that it comes with the file says card1.MEM.
Do I need to delete that and DL another File or..?

Im sure that this has been answerd but please, someone tell me in laymans terms what I need to do I would greatly appreciate it, FF7 is one of the best and its been 10 years since I beat it. Im Dieing to get back on.

Thanks Fellas, and happy gaming
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