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when I click something the control shows me "AKUT", can anyone help?
I want really play...

Or can anyone upload me the No$GBA configuration settings, with controls:

UP: Arrow Key Up
DOWN: Arrow Key Down
LEFT: Arrow Key Left
RIGHT: Arrow Key Right
Button A: Z
Button B: X
SELECT: Backspace
START: Enter
Button L: Q
Button R: W
Button X: S
Button Y: A


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If you still can't edit the controls somehow, replace these controls in your NO$GBA.ini file with these ones:
KEYB_1 == A1A9A4A6112D361C1E2C1F10
KEYB_2 == A1A9A4A65253517526132D15
KEYB_3 == A1A9A4A61030391C26132D15
KEYB_4 == A1A9A4A61030391C26132D15
KEYB_5 == 595959595959590459595959
KEYB_6 == 595959595959590559595959
KEYB_7 == 595959595959590659595959
KEYB_8 == 595959595959590759595959
KEYB_9 == 595959595959590859595959
KEYB_A == 595959595959590959595959
KEYB_B == 595959595959590A59595959
KEYB_C == 595959595959590B59595959
I couldn't bind the BACKSPACE key though, so I had to set Right Shift key for SELECT instead. I typed the keys exactly as on my AZERTY keyboard, so hope it helps.
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