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I can't save GT games!

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just what it says...
my game always says "no memory card"
when I try to use the mem files provided
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press f4 twice when the game has fully loaded....
That got them to save... the machine asked me to format my memory card...
unfortunately I still can't load!
After I try to load it says the card is not formatted.

my screen goes black RIGHT after I get a license
any tips?
I have never run into that problem....... I guess because I use epsxe executor and make all the memcards I need and format them right away before I use them..... YOu may need to format the memcards before you start Gran T2....... Or make new ones and use those......
thanks for the info...
can you give me any tips on how to do that though?
Well, I only know how to do it with epsxe executor because epsxe crashes my computer on its own....... With epsxe executor, it is pretty simple.... Just make a new configuration, name it, configure pluggins, memcards..... Its all in the executor...... The memcard configuration in the executor will create and format as much memcards as you like...... plus it saves all the different configurations for all the different games...... And you can assign different memcards to different games.... So when you load a game, it uses the memcards you specified for the game and not the memcards you specify for other games.... pretty handy..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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