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I can't play SNES games with SNES9X - LINUX

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i have instaled Red Hat 7.0, dl snes9x from their page using Windows, since i have a Winmodem.
i know little about linux, but kite some stuff about emus, but i cant get it running
can anyone help??
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Hmm, i haven't run snes 9x under linux... pretty much all my emulation and games playing is done in windows.

Can you give more information?
This should really have been posted on the Snes9x message board and with time honoured tradition i'd like to say RTFM. :D

RTFM... ahhh.. there was an album by the poster children with that name... never got it untill i hung out with them after a concert.. we all got plastered, and i got the curage to ask them... boy did i feel stupid..
Why not try out the Linux port of Zsnes? I've had nothing but trouble with Snes9x. Since RH7 comes with the games library, you should be able to decompress it into its own directory, cd to said directory and executing ./zsnes &
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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