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once i opened my gba and loaded a game( in start directly without loading the BIOS) , my gba crashes. It turns all white. it gets fullscreen but it doesn't work

DX i can't play. please help. my version is 2.6a

i've found a solution. didn't like it though. i've re-extracted my no%gba to another folder.
but my prev no$gba has all the files that it needs to improve it.

like the
Debug DLL

and even the NDS2xGL2

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so just copy the files accross then.

However none of these files are required for no$gba to work anymore, it can work fine without them.

Also neither no$gba nor NDS2xGL2 are able to go fullscreen. For that you need another zooming tool like NOZ, myZoom, NGZoom or No$Zoomer.

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I'd recomend re-DLing it then make a folder for it and have ONLY

then get NGZoom if you have 2.6a in the folder. all files for NGzoom should be out in the open with the exe for NGZoom and no$gba or if you try to run it it will say "no$gba?"

make sure to run all games from the slot folder.

hell it works for me so it should for you
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