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I can't play Free play mode in Initial D using VGS

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I have using VGS for many games....i feel it is the best psx emulator i ever found...but it shows some incompatibly in running the Initial D (a japanese racing game). i only can play the story mode...this is a waste when i use the PEC to cheat...
Any one who knows any compatible emulator or way to solve my problem? Thank you for reading this...
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try the other emus. (epsxe, fpse, pcsx, etc...) i can't really tell which is the best emu but no harm trying them all.

i have try epsxe but the emulator is not very good to run the game...bleem? worse...why connectix stop develop the vgs?
what a waste...thanks to ultragunner for replying...
sony comp. ent. bought vgs so it isn't updated anymore.
the connectix website is also down.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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