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I can't play FF7 on ePSXe

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It freeze at sony title sence.
My setting
I using GPU Pete 1.49
set Nice
I using
Athlon 550 + 256 MB + G400 AGP 32 MB DH + Sb Live Value!
Can anyone help me??
Thank you........
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PS. CD-ROM I using ePSXe CORE.
Enigma1982 try using Pete's CDR 1.2 plugin, it should help:) .

Whats that there, fullscreen mode: 1600 X 1200:eyes: . God daaaaaammmmnnn!!!!!!!
What about a Real Life emulator?
Now, that would keep u busy 4 the next 25 centuries :D
Well now you got me I don't know what's the problem...
I see you're running at 1600*1200 what are you computer specs?
One more thing:this screen is really slow when Offscreen Drawing is activated so try to deactivate it and wait then tell me if it worked.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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