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I can't play FF7 on ePSXe

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It freeze at sony title sence.
My setting
I using GPU Pete 1.49
set Nice
I using
Athlon 550 + 256 MB + G400 AGP 32 MB DH + Sb Live Value!
Can anyone help me??
Thank you........
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I don't think that's his problem since FF7 only crashes in 1.2.0 when you select New Game.
SONY title sence?
U mean.
Sony computer entertainment screen?
If it's that screen try to press F4 and make sure no option is checked in the cdrom configuration.
I forgot one thing:
Could you post your plugin configuration so we could help you the best that we can.
Wait a minute...
U shouldn t see that screen.....
Have u disabled the epsxe gui ??
Are you sure you've pressed the run cdrom option and not the run bios one?
And have you well coonfigured the cdrom?
You know I can find a solution to everything(if it's about emulation that is).
Oh i see.
Mister is an emulation scientist :p

How about doing an emu???
The emu scene doesn't need me and starting a PSX emu now would be useless as ePSXe and AdriPSX are too far for me.
oh i see...But I would like to see ur (LOL) awesome genius.
Why wouldn t U emulate a system that hasn t been emulated yet.....

How about CPS-3???

hehehe :D
Well actually I'm not a coder so don't expect an emu from me for at least 2 or 3 years.
Ok but maybe I will not have the same name but don't worry it will be me(you'll have to guess which emu it is).
It ll be the windows 3.xx emu for windows ME
This is Sony Sence before hang..........
One more thing............
My CD-ROM option not click anything.
Thank you.........:)
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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