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i cant open this...

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ok my girlfriend asked me to open a study guide for her....but it seems like i cant open this. ive tried word, word perfect, microsoft works, notepad, word pad, nothing will open this. if anyone can open this and copy and paste the text of it in here or email it back to me at [email protected] that would be cool....
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well a google search told me Word Perfect. when i tried to open it, XP asked if i wanted to use a web service, so i did. and that one asked me for Microsoft Works.

which is weird, i dont know why her teacher gave this to her in such a weird format....
thanks so much yeloazndevil!! at least it's readable...

and yeah, samor....i guess this teacher needs to get a major upgrade....
ROMstein said:
to let you know, .wps is Microsoft Works......Glad to see you got it!
you see thats the weird thing: my old computer has microsoft works and i got a bunch of crap when i opened it.

at first i was guessing it was because i had microsoft works 4 for windows 95 :rolleyes: , but.... :heh:
microsoft works sucks. i dont see why anyone would get that and not OfficeXP student/teacher edition. they dont even check to see if you are a student or teacher
i have officeXP....from a friend, and i have no idea where he got it.

>off topic<
sometimes i wonder about warez, the people that distribute are such shady people....i realized that SOMEBODY actually has to buy the legal version in the first place
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